Albie Creative Design Company Branding and Web Design
Albie Creative Design Company Branding and Web Design

APRIL HENRICHS | Branding & Web Design

designING the resources you need so that you can grow the business you love.

Intuitive & beautiful design

My passion is to help businesses scale with strategic branding, intuitive web design, and custom elements like illustrations, social media graphics, print design, and more. 

Not only will you come away with the design assets you feel proud of, but unique visuals that reflect your values and resonate with your ideal audience.

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Albie Branding and Web Design

Meet Albie, our mischievous pet albatross.​

Sure, he makes lots of messes and breaks things from time to time, but he’s awfully cute and we have a soft spot for pets. Maybe you have your own pet “albatross” in your project that is keeping you from moving forward: Time constraints, Mental blocks,  Lack of capacity, Keeping up with ever-changing technology, The list goes on… 

Our out-of-the-box approach to branding and web design will help you work around your “albatross” and move your project from stalled out to done!


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I am here to help give you Voice, Vision and Visuals to your brand. I have packages that include everything you will need for a start-up to current companies who need a brand refresh.

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CUSTOM web design

Whether you are starting from scratch or need a refresh. I can help you with all of your web design and development needs.

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I have a wide experience in everything from marketing pieces, to presentations to designing your next event. If you have a design needs, I can help!

David Robbins

David Robbins

We’ve worked with April on projects and events both large and small, and both planned months in advance and short notice. With every experience, our expectations have been exceeded, especially by the attention to detail and creative touches. Perhaps most valuable for a non-profit like us, April goes above and beyond to stay on budget! Not to mention you’ll have blast working with her!

Let's Talk!

Unsure of what you need or are ready to start a project? I’m here to help! Drop me an email or fill out the form to get the conversation started.

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